This is what we did before the Internet

This is What We Did Before the Internet Disclaimer: Although my kids are great kids, they are not the subject of this blog. Sorry, these kids are made up purely for making the blog funny.

Mid-October is upon us! Which is usually filled with chilly evenings, maybe a Charlie Brown special, pumpkins, and a nice cup of warm apple cider? Life is good, even though it is still a weekday evening.

I sit on the couch, watching some sort of TV program, and my mind begins to wander. As I was thinking about something ... which was genuinely unimportant, I see my daughter walking down the stairs. As she carefully steps down the staircase, her hand is extended before her, watching some sort o video on her phone. As she reaches the bottom of the stairs, I notice she has earbuds in her ears, staring intently at the screen, and turning a sharp corner to enter into the kitchen.

A few moments later, my son comes down the stairs, with his arm extended, also with earbuds in his ears. He is more careful, h…

The Day My Son Saw a Grown Up Movie

The Day My Son Saw a Grown Up Movie
Disclaimer: The people that I use as my family in this blog are purely figments of my imagination. Some of the events are real but embellished, to be attractive to a broader audience.

Let's face it. As a parent, you try to protect your kids from images, horror, and questionable content. Seriously. Sure, every once in a while you release an f-bomb which makes everyone blush, but these are few and far between.

As kids get older, they get more curious about life, love and the pursuit of who they are.  Also, they want to know about the "inside joke." They feel that they are old enough to handle anything, but as a parent, you know what they can take on.

A few nights ago, we had some friends at the house. The air is finally turning cool after a summer of hot humid and "hellish." The grill just finished heating some hamburgers, hot dogs, fresh corn, and everyone are enjoying a nice <insert cold beverage here> beverage. The su…

Audiobook Review

Hey Everybody,

I received a great review from Audio Book Reviewer for "The Day of the Flying Pot Roast". Thanks for the review!


The Battle Against the Mice

The Battle Against the MiceDisclaimer: I make up the characters on this blog. In no way could any family be this obnoxious, crude, rude, and not subdued. Seriously. Some of the events are based on true events, but most of them are simply delusions of grandeur with a dash of humor. With that said ... let's begin today's story.

"Holy c%^p!", I yell out into the great wide open, "I'm late!"

A deep pulsing droning monotone of the alarm echoes off the walls of the bedroom and into my eardrums. I look at the time, seven o'clock. I am one hour late for work. Jumping out of bed like a pilot hitting the eject button as their fighter hurls towards the earth. Racing around the room, putting on clothes, then to the bathroom to brush my teeth. 

The time is five minutes after seven. As I leave the room, I throw my feet into my shoes and try walking down the steps. I miss the first step and fall down the stairs. On a normal morning, everyone would be awake and wonde…

Parents, Kids, and the Battle over Device Time

Parents, Kids, and the Battle over Device Time I was a lunch today with a few friends and my son. As my friends and I talked about all sorts of stuff, my son is playing on his mobile device.

"Son.", I say

"He replies", yeah Dad

"Could you take the mobile device away?"

"Ok sure after this."

A few minutes later, I ask again, "Son, Do you mind turning off the electronics?"

My son looks at me and says"Why?"

I look at him and say, "I want you to be part of the converation."

He replies, "But --"

I smile and say, "No but. Put the screen down and pay attention."

He put the mobile device down and started to follow along.

Sometimes, we use technology as a crutch to seem "occupied" or as an excuse to not be in tune with the world around you. I know. I've been there. Where do you think my son gets it from?

This seems to be a common conversation between Moms and Dads to sons and daughters all a…

The Kids are Back in School

The Kids are Back in School
Well, it's past Labor Day and for many kids, the first week of school has been completed. So, parents, CONGRATULATIONS! Now, you have the next four months of projects, exams, labs, and other school-related stuff to make your head spin.

Across the country a very year, millions of kids have the same fate: going back to school. According to the Pew Charitable Trusts: "A projected 50.7 million pre-K-12 students will return to the classroom in U.S. public schools this fall."

Here are some facts about the fifty million kids who are heading back to school:

"America’s students are more racially and ethnically diverse than ever, whileteachers remain overwhelmingly white.While America’s overall student body has become more diverse, many nonwhite students go to public schools where at least half of their peers are of their race or ethnicity. Large shares of blacks (44%) and Hispanics (57%) attend public schools where people of their own race or ethnici…

The Day the Air Conditioner Died - Part 3

The Day the Air Conditioner Died - Part 3 I pull into the driveway just as the air conditioning person was ringing the door. I walk up behind him and say, "I think you're looking for me."

The AC Man, seriously, that is the name on the side of the van, asks, "You own this house?"

I reply, "Yes. I'm the person that called you."

The AC Man says, "Oh. Ok. Let's look at your AC."

I let him into the house and we walk downstairs to where the dysfunctional AC lives.  I turn on some lights, point to the slatted doors. He opens them and takes a flashlight from his belt and start looking over the unit. After a few minutes of "ohs and ahs," a few turns of a screwdriver and voila ...

The AC Man says, "OK. I see what the problem is."

He points his flashlight to a part of the air conditioner which is filled with ice.

"You see this?"

"Yeah. I see it. How can I miss it? There is a big block of ice in my air conditi…