What My Son Learned In Jail - Part 2

The bubble which surrounds and protects our kids is only as good as their ability to follow the rules and understand right from wrong. At any time, an event could break the illusion, then you have consequences for your actions or plainly explain where a particular road will take you.

For a moment, I stood there outside the master bedroom door. Thinking about how I was going to tell my wife what has happened. I look straight ahead, turn the handle, and walk into the room. My wife is sleeping but wakes up as soon as I sit on the bed. He props herself up using a few pillows and asks, "What's going on with our son. I hear a few bard, but I want to hear the entire tune."
I sigh, then turn to my wife and say, "Our son did a five finger discount at the grocery store and picked up some sort of nineteen eighties style handheld game."

Startled she says, "He did what?"

"He stole a small hand-held video game.", I reply

"Not that part, the part whe…

What my Son Learned in Jail - Part 1

Disclaimer: A few days ago, for some strange reason, I picked up "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," and had a few moments to read it. He explains in the introduction that there isn't a singular person named Tom Sawyer, but Tom is a composite or various kids he has met and combined their stories into one central archetype. Thus, the stories I talk about in this blog have some elements of my kids, but also the stories shared by other parents, which happen to be funny and entertaining. At the end of the day; the blog is to educate, inform, and entertain parents. So sit tight and enjoy the ride.
What is life, but a collection of good and evil events encapsulated around a single being? You give your kids: life, love, and they grew before your eyes. In your world, they could do no wrong, until they actually do something wrong, then the s#it hits the fan and you start thinking, it's time for boot camp! Before you go down that road, you want to use every tool at your disposal …

Family Yearly Performance Reviews

Every year there is a tradition in your office, the yearly performance review. If you have never been through this event, then this might sound like a great educational experience.  For those who have been through the system a few times, it provides little value to the employee and takes company resources away from actually getting work done (which is why customers use your company's services in the first place).
There are two types of assessments that I know about. If you can think of others for them to the comments below. One, is the old-school boss to employee about performance. Two, is what they call the management 360. That's the fun one! Your manager we'll go to all your colleagues and ask how you did this year. It is supposed to bring a very well-rounded view of your overall performance to the manager.
Now, I'm not saying that your kids should be treated like employees and given a yearly assessment for a raise in their allowance. But, there is a larger conversa…

The Day of the Summertime Blues

I am proud to announce that I have released the fourth "The Absurd Adventures of Monkey, Puppy, and Lion" book. The title of this book is "THe Day of the Summertime Blues". It's taken me a little while, about two years and four months to get enough time to figure out what Monkey, Puppy, and Lion (MPL) were up to and how they remain hidden in plain sight. I do have plans for a fifth book ... but we'll hold off on that until 2018!

In other news:
THe next stage in the MPL books is to move them to Audible. Yes, if you need a book to settle down the kids in the back seat, MPL is here to help. I've been working with a voice-over artist and the first book "The Day of the Flying Pot Roast" should be available by Christmastime this year.

Any questions, comments, or concerns, please leave a blog post below.

The Lost Art of Expectation Management

Today's blog posting is about expectation management also known as "The Art of Level Setting".
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What Vacation Type are you?

This week's topic is on vacation! Some people want to take their vacations slow. Not move around so much. Hang out at a beautiful lake house or an area by the beach. Have a chance to wake up in the morning and enjoy your coffee, gulping it down as fuel as you hit the road. Maybe take an excellent book and actually read it,  not just use a fly swatter if you don't have anything else around. Vacations for you or a time to decompress, relax, maybe have an alcoholic beverage or perhaps not.

Others have more adventurous travels in mind. Maybe fly to a new city and check out the sights. Perhaps traveling to a town is in another country, where you do not know the language. Eat exotic foods. Do all sorts of things that you do not do at home.

There are three types of vacation people in this world:  Fast VacationersMedium VacationersSlow Vacationers Each group has different needs, which makes them more mutually exclusive than sharing similarities. Now, you might be thinking, you really …

What to do when you're in traffic

When Henry Ford invented the automobile, he revolutionized transportation. Trips that once took hours to complete now took minutes. As part of his plan for worldwide domination, he built the Model T, so anyone with a middle class salary could purchase one. So everyone did. Thus, leading into today's blog entry: traffic 
As anyone who has an automobile knows that traffic is a huge problem. Especially around rush hour when you need to use the Federal Highway System to get your kids, make dinner, and work on homework. For every minute you're stuck on the highway is one less productive minute at home.
At the end of the day, we have to realize that there is no 'silver bullet' when it comes to traffic. There will never be enough infrastructure for all of the cars to move people fast enough to their destination. Period. High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes increase the capacity by grouping people going to the same general locality together. High Occupancy Toll (HOT) lanes incr…