Girls have discovered my Son: Any way to turn the clock back?

Every life is made from various moments. These little moments as a parent, as a human being, as a person define who you are. It might be your kid's first steps. Maybe it is the first time they sang as a lead in their school's chorus production. Maybe it is the first time they beat you in a board game. Whatever the moment is, it is a turning point in your relationship with your child. It is the day when you know that your child, who you cared for all of your life, the one who smiled at you as your feeding them a bottle, is now discovered by the opposite sex.
I'm sitting in a wrought iron chair on a brick patio downtown (the city will not be named to protect the innocent). I'm sitting back, hanging out with my son, each trying to devour a nice triple-scoop chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. It's one of those spring Saturdays where there isn't a cloud in the sky, the weather is warm, and there are at least thirty tasks that we should be doing at home. Instead,…

Amazon Studios: Closing the window on open script submissions

Much like many of the tech disruptors, the idea of crowdfunding your book, movie, or TV show had its day. But in the end it isn't about the number of scripts, it's about quality and meeting the studio's objectives. 
Introduction Back in 2010, a strange new studio came onto the screen wanting to shake up the way movies and TV shows were made. Breaking up the "Hollywood" system, ensuring everyone who had a strong script had a chance to have their movie or TV show on the big screen 9with a nice return as well. The company name was Amazon, the division was called "Amazon Studios". They launched an:"Open Script" way of doing things. If you submitted a script, it was guaranteed to be read by a person before sent up to leadership and a chance for development.

Closing Time On Friday, April 13, 2018, Amazon Studios said that they are dropping roping the "Open Script" part of the studio. Anything in the system will get reviewed by June 30, 20…

We are Living in Facebook's World, Whether You Like It or Not.

Regardless of your opinion on Facebook, check their privacy settings, and ensure that you know where your information is going, before it gets there. Introduction As the sun continues its move to the west, I pull into my driveway, park the car, and head inside: another working day is done. I check on the family, seeing how everyone's day was, and write down any issues that I should know about. Once I have a few free moments, I check the usual social media sites and try to relax. As I swipe, flip, and basically move through the pages on the site: I do realize that these social media sites are collecting information about my location, what I like and don't like. Usually, the data they receive is pretty minimal, but when you add all of the swipes, page turns, and database queries: it says a lot about my profile, who I am, and what kinds of purchases I would make.

Today is the day that one of the social media titans (that guy who owns Facebook .. have you heard of it?) was on Cap…

National Beer Day

National Beer Day - April 7, 2018 Introduction  Last Saturday, for those who didn't know, was National Beer Day in the United States. From the country that brought the world prohibition in the 20's and 30's, almost 90 years later, someone had the bright idea to celebrate beer! It is a recent phenomenon ratified by Congress in 2017 (2). 

History of National Beer Day "On April 7, 1933, the Cullen-Harrison Act, named after the legislation's sponsors, went into effect and for the first time since 1920 the purchase, sale, and consumption of beer and wine with an alcohol content of 3.2 percent was legal."(2)
“Fast forward 76 years to 2009 when one of my constituents, Justin Smith, sparked the idea of celebrating National Beer Day on April 7th. In March of this year, Justin's efforts eventually lead to Governor Terry McAuliffe recognizing National Beer Day in Virginia. National Beer Day has grown to such prominence that it was recently featured as a clue on Jeopardy…

US Census: How Demographic Trends Effect Your Life

Information from the census is used for so much more than merely getting the count of the U.S. population or identifying if your area gets a new representative for Congress.Introduction

On the way home tonight, I was listening to the news, and they were talking about the 2020 Census. As Congress and the Census Bureau (under the Department of Commerce) start getting ready to put folks on the street and get funding to carry out this outstanding job. It is an excellent time to think about how important the Census is and what's at stake if they get it wrong. Today's post is the U.S. Census.

What is the U.S. Census?

AS the founding fathers wrote the United States Constitution, they thought about a way of ensuring proper representation throughout the new country. They proposed: "Representatives and direct Taxes shall be apportioned among the several States which may be included within this Union, according to their respective Numbers, which shall be determined by adding to the …

The Slow Death of Local News

Many stations had a personality which drew in the crowds. It was something to look forward to and something I wish they still had today.Introduction

There are specific memories from your childhood that you do not forget. As a young kid, after the end of a meal (and the dining room is cleared), there was a family activity which occurred Monday through Friday at seven PM: time for the news. When I was at home, we would watch the local news at five o'clock PM. The local news was, and is, the staple program of network television. I always remember after the eleven o'clock news there was a half-hour sports show called "The Sports Machine" by George Michael (1) or even flipping over a few stations to Arch Campbell and his movie reviews on the "Arch Campbell Show"(2). The local news had personalities much like what was displayed in the Will Ferrell Anchorman movies. It was a different time. Before the rise of cable news, the Internet, and even CGI.

Today's New… Helping People in Need.

Even though you have the vision, the drive, and the will to make things happen: you need resources. Google.Org helps non-profits and individuals make those dreams come trueIntroduction

It all starts one morning when you wake up, get out of bed, have your morning coffee, and decide to change the world. Maybe it is to help those who have trouble getting breakfast. Maybe it is to help those who have been hit by a natural disaster. Maybe it is to help others recognize an event that has happened in the past. You have this great idea, and share it with like-minded individuals. All of you want to makes a change in the world we live in today. But, as many non-profits and start-up find out, dreams and ideas and sweat equity only go so far in realizing your shared vision. You need other resources such as computing power, funds, maybe even a place for the organization to meet. That's why there are places like Google.Org. Google.Org is the philanthropic arm of Google. They are an enabler, an…