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Nobody wants to diet they people diet because they have to

Do you know what I like about dieting? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. All of the foods that you like to eat have a certain percentage of sugar, carbs, or something else to make them taste good. Diets suck! The reason companies add sugar to everything is the fact that people don't like to eat cardboard! Food that is bad for you really does taste good and food that is good for you tastes bad, because it doesn't have the sugar, carbs, and preservatives that make it taste good.

Check out this example.

My wife and I are at a restaurant and looking over the menu.

My wife asks me, "Honey, do you see anything that looks good?"

I respond, "Everything on the menu looks good, but none of it I can have. I'm trying out a diet for the New Year."

"What can you have on your diet?"

"Things that taste like crap."

"Tell me how you really feel."

The waiter comes over and asks, "Do you have any questions."

"Yeah. I have some quest…

How to best prepare for an everyday emergency

Change isn't easy. It's scary. But that's why you have to plan for change. No matter how hard change smacks you, planning cushions some if that blow. An unknown event is  scary and people REALLY like routines. If you have a plan, even a basic one, you'll have more confidence that you can tackle anything that comes your way.
Life is full of challenges. Every day when you wake up, you really do not know the series of events which will unfold before you. You can either ride the tide, take life as it comes, or take some of those unknown events, talk about them, plan for them. If one does occur, at least you have a plan for moving forward instead of getting lost in despair and hopelessness.

Outside of large-scale natural disasters, some emergencies just "happen" when you least expect it. These are the types of events that you can plan for. That's what we're talking about today. How to plan for everyday emergencies to take the sting out of an u…